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We apologize, but legal limitations dictate that we can’t provide services without your signing a waiver.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve you. We are delivering directly.

If you want to receive our services, please contact the Sacramento Life Center for referral to us, Showers on Wheels.

(If you change your phone number or mailing address, please send them a message with the new information, at the Sacramento Life Center, so we can contact you.)

Hello, Mom. Congratulations!

We hope to be of assistance to you!

We will ask that you sign a release holding us blameless from harm. We will bring the form to your shower.

Please call the Sacramento Life Center. We will contact you. Hope to see you soon!

Please Note: Showers on Wheels cannot be held responsible for the security of your possessions. Please don’t leave valuables unattended.

By requesting services, I acknowledge that I will be asked to sign a release holding Showers on Wheels blameless from harm.