Baby Shower Saturday, November 21, 2015 at 3PM, Presentation, Norris & Robertson

You’re invited to a ‘Showers on Wheels’ Baby Shower!

Date Saturday, November 21, 2015
Time 3PM – 5PM
Location Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish
Robertson & Norris, (4123 Robertson Ave), Sacramento, CA
Goodies TBA
Items Needed Hygiene items (baby powder, shampoo, etc.), baby clothes, newborn diapers. Gently used baby items are always appreciated by the Moms, it is suggested they be laundered with Febreze, we are sorry, we are unable to go pick up your gently-used items, please bring them to the shower.

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Thanks to Our Volunteers

Thank you to Amelia Ruiz, Liz Durant, Beth Tatge, Sam Tatge, Katie Boyle, Mary Mandara, Peggy Hagus, Megan Ford, Sarah Glaser, and Hannah Enabnit for helping with the December 6th Baby shower. And of course a special thank you to Fr. Lee for leading us in prayer.